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Megamind 3D online 2010

Megamind 3D online 2010

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Megamind is the most amazing villain in history. And the most unfortunate one. For many years he has been trying to conquer Metro City in every possible way. Every attempt is doomed to failure, thanks to the efforts of an invincible hero named Machomen. But one day Megamind's next hacky plan works and Machomen dies. Megamind has nothing to do.
There cannot be a Supervillain without a Superhero. Megamind realizes that having fulfilled his cherished dream, he completely devalued his existence. So, you need to create a new hero named "Titan", which will be bigger, better and stronger than Machomen. But soon Titan realizes
that being a villain is much more interesting! There are many questions to Megamind: is he ready to defend his devilish creation? Will the smartest person in the world be able to make a smart decision once in a lifetime? And finally, is an evil genius capable of becoming a hero in the cartoon Megamind 3d online.
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