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Penguins of Madagascar 3D online 2014

Penguins of Madagascar 3D online 2014

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The popular practice of spin-offs brings old acquaintances to the screens in a new quality. The four extreme penguins who conquered the hearts of young spectators and their parents, who provided the heroes of Madagascar with an exciting unplanned tour, are ready for their own benefit performance. Contrary to expectations, the full-length adventures of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Prapora are completely unrelated to the series of the same name, which fueled public interest for all the years while DreamWorks Animation was working on this project. Monochrome special forces working under the guise of "we are white and fluffy" are in a hurry to get more information about their new neighbor - an extremely suspicious wolf named Classfield.
The heroes' intuition will not fail: they will go to the top-secret organization "North Wind", which helps animals that cannot stand up for themselves. Competing with new acquaintances in ingenuity, recklessness and efficiency, penguins invariably remain at their best. So, smile, wave and start watching in the cartoon Penguins of Madagascar 3d online.
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