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Despicable Me 3 3D Online 2017
In the cartoon Despicable Me 3 3d online, gone are the days when the evil genius Gru brought fear to humanity – now he works as a super agent of the forces of good, fights with bad guys, happily married and raises three daughters. The last villain who dared to resist him is Balthazar Breaks, the hero of the eighties TV series, forever stuck in that distant era. He loves disco, bright ridiculous costumes and robberies, which are unparalleled in their audacity. Breaks manages to deceive Gru around his finger, and the super agent immediately becomes a former super agent – he and his wife are fired without severance pay. Moreover, the minions got tired of waiting for the villainy and went on strike. And to top it all off, Gru has a twin brother, the pure embodiment of goodness, and he really wants to make friends.

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