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Ice Age Continental Drift 3D online 2012

Ice Age Continental Drift 3D online 2012

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The audience fell in love with the heroes of this story long before the release of the fourth part. The premiere of the next sequel was another gift for the fans of this cartoon. Along with the already familiar characters, new characters appeared in the plot, no less bright and funny. Seven years ago, Manie, Diego, Sid and Scrat took an incredible journey underground.
They had to move away from their exciting adventures for a long time, but now time has passed, and the world faces a new mortal danger. A wave of terrible earthquakes shook the earth. As a result, mammoths are threatened, if not extinction, then separation from loved ones and drifting on ice floes. Manie is on one such ice floe, and he, along with the whole herd, is carried away by the ocean in an unknown direction. Friends will have to fight both scary sirens and pirates, and, of course, make new friends. It won't be easy. But not boring! We wish you a pleasant viewing in our cinema and assure what to watch online "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift" is a must for both children and adults in the cartoon Ice Age Continental Drift 3d online.
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