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Pirate Fairy 3D online 2014

Pirate Fairy 3D online 2014

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A bright, effective and instructive cartoon from the Disney studio, voiced by Oksana Fedorova, Tatiana Arntgolts, Lena Katina and other Russian celebrities. "Fairies: the mystery of the pirate island" we recommend to watch online to everyone who loves the story of Peter Pen, because the image of the fairy Tink Ding and her faithful friends were taken from this wonderful tale. The director of the cartoon Peggy Holmes, getting down to work, announced that she is dedicating the picture to JM Barry, the creator of Peter Pan. Fairies: the mystery of the pirate island ”is the fifth Disney cartoon about the fairy Tinker Bell and her friends. What awaits the smart beautiful and kind fairies this time? It's no secret that fairies can fly thanks to their magic dust. But pollen is not simple, but gold, and in order to get it, you need a secret ingredient - blue pollen. One curious but very reckless fairy named Zarina tries to investigate the properties of pollen and conducts an experiment.
The experiment ends unsuccessfully, and the fairy herself is banished from the paradise island. Then Zarina joins the pirates, who are going to plunder cities, traveling on a flying ship. And for the ship to fly, they need the same cherished pollen in the cartoon Pirate Fairy 3d online.
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