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StarDog and TurboCat 3D Online 2019

StarDog and TurboCat 3D Online 2019

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1969. A man named Dave launches his dog Buddy into space to test a rocket. Buddy is lost in time and 50 years later falls to the Ground, ending up in a small town trash can. Buddy decides to find his master, who promised that he would find the dog after completing the space mission. Soon the hero realizes that everyone in this town hates and is afraid of animals. Pets are hunted by the main enemy of pets – the ruthless police officer Peck, who does not lose sight of any dog. Peck's propaganda is so effective that people run away from Buddy in terror and hug their children to them.

Buddy is saved by Felix – a charismatic turbo-robot superhero with numerous gadgets, similar to Batman. Buddy also meets Cassidy-a brave rabbit, the leader of a motley group of animals fighting for the rights of four-legged animals. All of them unite to resist the Sand and become real heroes in the cartoon StarDog and TurboCat 3d online. 

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