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In the city of the future called San Fransokio, something is wrong, and the newly minted superhero students need to deal with it. And a friendly inflatable robot will help them in this. Fourteen-year-old child prodigy Hiro Takashiko and his older brother Tadashi are obsessed with technology and participate in underground robot fights. When Tadashi brings Hiro to his university, introduces him to his science-driven friends, and shows him the robotics lab, the boy, who graduated from high school in an accelerated program, decides to go to university and designs microbots controlled by the power of thought. His incredible invention helps to realize the dream, and Hiro is accepted to the university without exams. But the joy is overshadowed by a sudden and terrible tragedy: as a result of the explosion, Tadashi, along with his scientific supervisor, is killed. To survive this grief, Hiro is helped by the charming inflatable robot healer Baymax, which was created by Tadashi and which Hiro accidentally activates. Together, they will have to figure out what happened and figure out who is behind it, in the movie Big Hero 6 3d online.

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