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In the cartoon Coco 3d online, a boy from the Mexican outback, Miguel Rivera, can't live without music. But he and his beloved guitar are not destined to be together: the fact is that the entire River family can not stand musicians. This hatred is passed down from generation to generation, starting with Miguel's great-great-grandmother, the founder of the Imelda family. Her husband, who wrote songs, decided to devote himself to creativity and left Imelda with her little daughter Coco. The River family has since removed his name from the family tree. But Miguel manages to find out who his disgraced ancestor was-he became famous as the great singer Ernesto de la Cruz, who won the hearts of millions of fans. On the Day of the Dead, when Mexicans remember their deceased relatives, Miguel is transported to the afterlife, where he has a chance to meet his famous great-great-grandfather and receive his blessing.

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