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Popular science reenactments of the Air Force are incredibly interesting and exciting. But, anyway, they are more focused on an adult audience – small viewers simply do not sit out a plotless, although perfectly presented from a technical point of view, story about the life of, for example, prehistoric giants who once inhabited our planet. To the delight of the inquisitive younger generation, among the myriad of educational films about giant lizards, there is a tape designed specifically for children's perception, a film called "Walking with Dinosaurs 3d online". The story of the ancient world, full of dangers, you can and should all without exception. The special feature of this project, created using unique computer technologies used in the work on "Jurassic Park", was the presence of the main character-a small dinosaur, from the point of view of which this wild, exciting world will open up to the audience, where nothing can be achieved without courage, dedication and loyal friends.

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