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Here Today 3D online 2021

Here Today 3D online 2021

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Charles Burns is an aging comedian who writes scripts for a comedy channel for young artists. He is old-fashioned, but all his colleagues are warm and friendly towards the veteran of the scene. Recently, Charles has been experiencing memory problems, but stubbornly tries to ignore the impending illness.
On an ordinary day, Charles arrives at a chic restaurant full of celebrity colleagues for lunch to meet the winner of an auction that was raffled off for lunch with him. This person turns out to be the energetic and noisy Emma. It turns out that a date with a famous screenwriter was won by her ex-boyfriend for a nominal sum. Emma herself, apparently takes this unplanned meeting as an opportunity to eat deliciously and orders a huge salad with various seafood. However, the girl did not take into account one thing - her allergy, which at the moment turned her into a swollen, suffocating creature. Only thanks to Charles, Emma ends up in the hospital, where she is rescued. Such an unusual acquaintance becomes the beginning of a touching friendship between people from different worlds. The film was directed and starred by the legendary comedian and actor Billy Crystal in the movie Here Today 3d online.
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