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G-Force 3D online 2009

G-Force 3D online 2009

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Once the secret FBI unit, consisting of guinea pigs, decided to close. Just imagine: a real mad scientist invented an automatic translator of animal speech into human speech, trained cockroaches to deliver micro-video cameras wherever they order, supplied guinea pigs with PDAs and Jamesbond gadgets - and he was out on the street! Pigs - for experiments, cockroaches, of course, with dichlorvos. Meanwhile, another madman, billionaire Saber played by Bill Nighy, sold millions of coffee makers and microwaves around the world - and each of them has a secret chip, and each of them, when the X-hour comes, attacks its master and conquers world domination for Saber. Well, that is, of course, it will not attack and will not conquer: the pigs will run away and save everyone in the cartoon G-Force 3d online.
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