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Toy Story 4 3D Online 2019

Toy Story 4 3D Online 2019

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In the cartoon "Toy Story 4 3d online", Andy's old toys were very lucky: when he grew up and went to college, his childhood friends, led by raggedy cowboy Woody, were inherited by a new owner – a little girl with a big imagination, Bonnie. One day, she makes a craft from an ordinary plastic fork, which gets the name Wilkins and becomes her favorite toy. The ex-fork does not want such an honor, but dreams of following its purpose – to get into the trash, as it should be a disposable dish. When Wilkins escapes from the mistress, the guardian of the child's happiness, Woody, goes after the fugitive. During a new dangerous mission, the cowboy encounters lost or unwanted toys, including his longtime friend, the cowgirl doll Bo Peep.

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